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slangmela / Chennai Slang pen meaning in hindi

Chennai Slang Page history last edited by PBworks 9 years, 5 months ago Madras Tamil or Madras bashai (Tamil: மெட்ராஸ் பாஷை), is a type of mixed language spoken in the city of Chennai, India (previously known as Madras). It is a loose polyglot blend of Tamil and English, with loanwords from Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. The word bashai derives from the Sanskrit bhasha (language). The term therefore is Tamil for "Madras language"



Word/phrase Meaning in context Origin, usage Aapu adchichu (ஆப்பு அடிச்சு) To result in failure. Tamil aapu (ஆப்பு) is a thin triangular wedge (usually made of metal) used in carpentry to split wood or hold half-split wood. adchichu (அடிச்சு) means to hit. So this phrase literally means "hit/split by a wedge" implying a failure AaaKoa (ஆக்கோ) Over enthusiastic. Tamil aarva kolaaru (ஆர்வக் கோளாறு - over enthusiasm). Adan kokka makka (அடாங் கொக்க மக்கா) "your sister's son or daughter". Tamil Ada un akka magan / magal Aaf-Paayil (ஆஃப் பாயில்) Half-boiled egg. Vendhum vegathathu. English Half boiled Aaleka (அலெகா) Smoothly Tamil Aazhaga (அழகா) (beautifully) Aalinaal Alaguraaja (ஆலின்ஆல் அழகுராஜா) Jack of all arts. English All in all Aathaadi (ஆத்தாடி) Oh my Lady!!. Tamil Aatha referring to mother;'di'is a suffix that is always added when referring to female while 'da' is used for males. Aattaya poadrathu (ஆட்டய போடறது) ...To steal. Usage "Avan Aattaya potutan" meaning "He Stole". Similar to Abase panradhu (அபேஸ் பண்றது) Tamil Madurai local slang. Abase panradhu To steal. English abase and Tamil panradhu (to do). Also used as English loot and Tamil udradhu (உட்றது), sudradhu (சுடுறது) and amukardhu (அமுக்குறது). Akkisht (அக்கிஸ்ட்) rogue, Accused, criminal English Accused A-haan (ஆஹாங்) yes English A-Haa . (When one has just discovered or remembered something) Ajakku (அஜக்கு) Eunuch.   Allakai' (அல்லக்கை) Similar To "Dhanda Soru" (தெண்ட சோறு) Use Less Fellow Tamil valathu kai Alva kudukradhu' Act of deceiving,chicanery or cheating - done very smartly.Dialogue made famous by Tamil actor Sathyaraaj. English Leaving someone who believed in you helpless, in the hour of need. Allo (அலோ) Hey, there... English hello . Used to draw attention. Original Tamil does not have the sound'Ha' Annthanda po' (அந்தாண்ட போ) Go There (go that side) Tamil Athan andai po. (அதன் அண்டை போ) Annaathe (அண்ணாத்தே) Elder brother. Tamil Annan (அண்ணன்) Apeetu (அபீடு) To exit quickly/Vanish from the spot. Language English [abate-die away] Appalae' (அப்பாலே) Afterwards, later Tamil appuram (அப்புறம்) Asalta (அசால்டா) To do something very easily. Etymology not known for certain. Possibly from Hindi 'Aasaan' easy or from English(assault). Ashtan To hit someone, or to steal something, or consume something From Tamil 'Aadi'. Example: "Parsa ashatu ottan!", or as in "Sarakku ashtu parthunindhaba" Attu Synonym of "Dochhu", Waste As is "Attu Figaru", "Attu Padam" Tamil asattai. Attapodardu Vulgar word for having sex with a girl or having intimate relation. Ayye Saying "So?" in a derogatory way. From English 'Hey!", as in "Ayye, eppo innandre?" Tamil Iyo, Iyako Baadu Breast/pimp/ PS : Often a "baeku" would mistake it to be a person who holds the lamp when the king and queen are having intimate sexual intercourse during the time of pregnancy. English 'Baadu' a corruption of Body. Possible English origin 'Baud' meaning pimp. Possible origin Telugu - 'Baadukov' pimp Hindi - 'Badwaa' pimp Baamaayilu Palm oil. English Palm + English oil . Balbuvututan Death / Died. Bucketu refers to the female who engages in 'kadalai' refers to the bucket used by vendors to sell the ground nuts in beaches to couples. Bagilu Hip and region around it. Hindi bagal (underarm). Bajaari A loud, unruly woman, like a fish-seller. Urdu bazaar (market). Bandha Stylish   Batli Derogatory term for a woman. English From "bottle". A reference to a woman's hourglass shape. Used as "Batli maadi our figure" Bejaar Nuisance or Boring English language From "Badger" (Often irrirated) Bigilu Whistle. English Language From "Bugle" - taken most probably from the music of the army. Baeku Imbecile. Urdu bevkoof (stupid). Baemani .(Beimaan in Urdu means a person who has no ethics/ scruples/ integrity and Beimaani means the trait of dishonesty) Urdu bae + imani (without + shame). Bigjang Someone who wears Westernized clothes and/or accessories, even sunglasses. Derogatory. Probably from the Hollywood western Django popular in the 1970s in Madras. Biscothu bigwig, usually sarcastically meant. Just as they say biskut for biscuit in Hindi. Bittu A small strip of pornographic/sexually suggestive scene that is run during the screening of a legitimate movie. Also refers to a strip of paper especially used for copying in exams. English bit Bhel , Piila Telling Lies. Unknown Blaydu Boring, worthless or useless English "blade".Example usage: "Dey, blaydu padam da" meaning "The film was a drag" or "A boring film" Buddi Someone who wears thick glasses. Derogatory. From soda buddi (soft drink bottle). Analogous to Coke bottom glasses . Chinna Veedu Concubine     Certigaatu Refers to certificate Derived from the English word certificate. Daar Torn English 'Tear'. Example usage: "Mavane, Daaraiyiduve" Darr Afraid, tensed Hindi 'Fear'. Example usage: "Darr aayittan" Dabba Junk. Hindi dabba (box). Used in colloquial speech such as Dabba padam ("junk movie"). Dabbu Money. Telugu dabbu (money). See Also: Dabbu Dada Kingpin, ganglord, don. Hindi dada (literally "paternal grandfather", used as a term of respect among underworld crime families). **More apt would be Bengali "dada" (meaning "big brother" who lays the rules or dictates terms. Dhanks Refers to Thanks. Common reply from autorickshaw and taxi drivers. "Romba Dhanks Ba" Dum Stamina, strength, Urdu dum breath. Also used for referring to smoking. Dumeel Untrue, false. Unknown. Could refer to the sound made by an explosion that leaves nothing behind, as does a false statement. See also: Reel Dhanda Soru Similar to "Allakai" useless Fellow Dharma adi Merciless beating, usually by a group. Tamil dharma adi meaning just (as in justice) or destined beating. dharmam = charity/to donate. Dharma adi means free beating. Dhamathundu Tiny. Tamil thundu means a 'part'. Dhama - Origins unknown- Very likely from idhO immaathhooNdu (idhO immattE in chaste Tamil) meaning ' Look here , only this small' with a gesture of hand Dhoda Synonym of 'Ayye',saying 'So?' in a belittling manner Likely from Tamil idho da (here da), could be used effectively in humiliating manner in the midst of a conversation to ascerta pen-meaning-in-hindi-rid-0.html. pen online store uaein authority over the counterpart in debate/conversation. Dhool A superlative, as in "well done!" or "kick ass!". Likely from Hindi dhool (dust), referring to the dust cloud after a good ass-kicking. 'Dhool' is also used as 'Dhool kalappitai' where kalappitai refers to the action of starting or kicking up (dust). Dil Chutzpah, guts, as in "Do you have the guts to step outside and fight like a man?!". Urdu dil (heart), metaphorically indicates "courage". Ditchu Drainage derived from English Ditch and spoken as Kawa Dochhu Unattractive Woman as in "Dochhu Figaru". Antonym of "Figaru" Dubaakour Consummate liar (Popularized by comedians Chinni Jayanth and Veeniraadai Moorthy) Dumil udradhu Acting Too Smart Dhuddu Money. Kannada duddu (money). DingDong Egg mixed with gravy. Famous and delicious food item name in Triplicane. Sourced from South part of Tamil Nadu. Dommai Glutton. Carefree. Origin uncertain (Gourmet?). Used mostly by college students. Eguru Run fast, Run away, Scold, Jump (Depends on the context) Telugu Eguru , as in "Macha, mama varaan, eguru" or "Sarkkadichi voottukku pona, engappa emmele egiritaruda" or "Egiri bus-le erittanda aven". egiRuthal in normal Tamil means to jump, bounce. Es agurudhu To escape English From first syllable of the English word 'escape' Feelingu / Pheeling sadness. Also means love (usually used in a 'mushy-mushy' sense) English "Feelings", as in Emotions. Figaru Attractive woman. English "figure", as in "Oru semma figaru varathu" meaning "An attractive woman is approaching." Note: Used in neuter gender. Free-a-Vidu Literally "let it free". Figuratively, "let bygones be bygones". Pronounced as Pree-a-vudu. English "free". Gabbu Stink, foul odour. Often used figuratively to describe situations, personalities etc. Telugu gabbu (stink, foul odor). Gaajju Sleazy, dirty. For example a Gaajju joke. Gaali Finished, as in "He's finished!". Urdu khali meaning "empty" or "finished". Originally from Arabic . Gaana paattu A subgenre of Tamil film music. Hindi gaana (song) + Tamil paattu (song). Used for songs with fast rhythmic beats. Gaandu to irritate a person Usage "gaanda kelappathe". Gaand refers to butttocks in Hindi . See Also: Kaduppu Galatta 1. Fracas, brouhaha 2. Chaos 3. Celebration. Etymology not known for certain. Possibly from Turkey ( Galata was a suburb of Istanbul known for its nightlife ) or from English gala . Galiju Dirty, Can be used in any context. Widely used to refer to bit(matter) Kannada , meaning dirty. Gandhi kannakku Fraudulent accounting. Before 1947, when India was fighting against British occupation, companies and individuals often included "Contribution to Freedom movement" as an item in accounting statements. Most often accounting statements would not tally because management funneled money out. "Contribution to Gandhi's freedom movement" provided an excellent means to account for the "missing" money. Hence the term "Gandhi Kanakku". One should apologise to Mahatma Gandhi as this term brings a small amount of disrepute to him, for no fault of his!!! Gapsaa Disinformation, lies. Connotes deliberate disinformation, as opposed to genuine misinformation. Usually refers to fundamental falsehoods, as opposed to lame excuses. Compare "reel", "peela". Most probably related to gabbu (stink), somparable to stinking lies. Gelichan He won . Telugu gelupu (victory). Gethu Super, Better than normal. Origin unknown Gokka-Makka (Figuratively eq of) My goodness! , Holy cow! , etc Tamil Unga akka (your sister's) + makka ( magan - son) Gilfans A person with a shady background (This word is of recent origin) Gilfans , Silfans etc have their etymological roots in comedian Chinni Jayanth's repository of words. Gilma Strange stuff One more from Chinni Jayanth Gilli Talented Person. Also called Ghilli, from a street game played with wooden sticks. Godavula Gudhi Jump into the fray Root - "Goda" from the Hindi word for a wrestling pit, "Gudhi" from Tamil meaning Jump Goiya A form of address similar to "Machi". But it can be interpreted as dumb or useless person also. Possibly from Tamil for 'guava'. Golti Telugu speaker. Can be derogatory. By reversing the consonants in "te-lu-gu" to give "gulti" or "golti" Goodhal Trickery, fraud Tamil goodhal (error, mistake). Usually derogatory, as in "He resorted to trickery to win that business deal". Gumbal Bastard Used in the context of 'Gumbaluku Porandhavane' GumbalOda gOvinda Usually refers to situations like peer-pressure, or societal norms, where individual beliefs/actions are overridden by mass reaction. Also refers to insignificant individual contributions overlooked in a group. Tamil gumbal (crowd), Sanskrit gOvinda (name of Vishnu ). Derived from the large crowds of pilgrims at Tirupati . Play on words gOvinda and the English go or gone. Gujjaals Petting, making out. Tamil konjal (petting, excess affection). Gujili Young girl, usually attractive and easily available invented when there was a heavy influx of Gujaratis into Madras: Gujju + Kili = Gujili Gum Paapa Young girl, usually attractive (large breasted) and easily available invented when Indians went to the west and saw large breasted white skin females: Gum + Paapa = Gum Paapa also referred to as "Gumthaax" Goinda Unexpected failure. Inglipeesu The language 'English', usually in ridicule. Also called Ingleesu or Engleesu. Ippidikaa This way. Origin Tamil from the word "Ippadi" Iskool literal meaning of School Probably in use due to ease for typical Tamil tongue to pronounce iskool . Similar words are Institute is pronounced as instoot , Excuse is pronounced as esoos or echoos Isthukunu po literal meaning taking away Telling some one to take it away or carrying it away

See also 'Vali'

Itta / Ittinnuva / Isthunuva Fetch (someone) Tamil izhuthu-kondu-vaa (Pull him over here). Also pronounced as "Ista" Jaburu or Jabaradastu - Something similar to bandha - show off , acting pricey, like in " innaadaa jabardastu paNRE?"

from zabardast - Urdu meaning grand, extra ordinary, forceful

Jagaa vaangaradhu To escape from the scene. Hindi jagah (space, room) and Tamil vaangaradhu (to buy, to get). Literally means "to get room [to escape]". Jalaai To have a bowel movement Hindi Widely believed that a Hindi ignorant Tamil guy read the word written in Hindi, near the compartment toilet and misunderstood that "Jalaai" in Hindi meant "to shit". Apparently, the person had read "Inflammable objects not allowed" written as "Jalaaishi padaarth mana hai" Jalpu To catch cold. Tamil jaladosham " saLippu" (N, common cold) Jalsa Enjoy probably from Salsa, with its suggestive fast moves and close contact in life. Or from Urdu Jalsa which means something like a carnival. Jatkaa Hindi -speaker, North Indian person. Derogatory. Hindi jhatkaa (cart, also sudden shock). Play of words Jat and Jhatkaa. Joadreppai Cobbler. Possibly from Hindi joota (shoe) and English repair or from Tamil jodi English repair . (pair[of slippers]) and Jollu Vidurathu To ogle at a girl. Literally means to drool. To look at a girl with open mouth that one does not realise the saliva dripping. Joot To escape/hide/run/give the slip. Derived from the signal given in kid's games of Catch, or Hide and Seek - "Waitees" for pause, and "Jooties" for resume. Jujube/jujupee Small, unimportant, easy or minuscule. Examples:1)"Ithu ellam jujupee velai"="This is such an easy (or unimportant) job. 2)"Ivan oru jujubee da"="He's just small fry (he can't do anything)

Origin possible from a type of candy that could have been available during the British era. Jujube now freely available in many countries for very small change.

Kaava Vidradhu Misfielding an easy chance in cricket Kabodhi Blind. used in a derogative sense Kaamati Dumb fellow. unknown Kanji Used in good meaning for 'gruel' and also used in referring ' Semen' Kanpiece Refers to the English word confuse . Example : Don't Kanpiece me.., Machi romba kanpiece panadha da.. KD 1. Petty crook. 2. An unusually intelligent criminal.3;Cunning person English . Old Chennai police abbreviation for either "known delinquent", "known depredator" or "known defaulter" or "Known Denotified person". Kacheri Drinking party. Tamil kutcheri which is a traditional Tamil music concert. Derived as the party 'play' the mouth of the bottles with both hands like a naadaswaram (South Indian instrument like a saxophone) Kadalai Verbal flirting. Tamil kadalai , verkadalai ( nut , groundnut ). Possibly from groundnut vendors who provided snack food to couples on the beach, or in trains. Connotes flirting without serious intentions. See Also: Batting Kalakaradhu To impress with one's performance. Tamil , (to mix, to stir). Kalaaikkaradhu To make fun of someone, or to belittle someone Also used as 'Kalasi', Example: "College pasanga kalasiduvanunge!" Kamnatti A clown or a jerk. An interesting off-shoot of classical Tamil, kamnatti derives from "KaimpeNdaati paiyan" which stands for a young widow's son, who is expected to grow up without parental guidance and hence a "kamnatti". Some say, it originated from English sahibs in TN addressing their kids as Come, naughty boy!! Kakkoos Lavatory. origin maybe from the English word jacuzzi which was misunderstood as toilet and hence kakkoos Kasmaalam Synonymous with "idiot"(the idiot being a litote). Possibly from Sanskrit kash malam (black hair) or kash mailam (black dirt). Comparing someone with hair is considered rude in Tamil culture. Maalam is also a slang word for shit. Some say ' kasmalam' (one word) in Sanskrit means a dirty thing worthy of discarding. Kattai Referring to a hot female. Tamil ,Kattai (literally log of wood) - the sturdier higher quality wood can easily be distinguished by their distinctive curvy grain pattern. Kattai Referring to some one who does not respond. Inert. Tamil ,Kattai refers to wood. Comparable to sleeping/lying like a log. Kaidhe Donkey. Derogatory word and derived from Kazhudai (donkey) in chaste Tamil Kandukunu Varen I Will Meet Him And Come. Tamil Avarai sandhikiren Kenai Fool. Malayalam kenai (mad). Keivi An old Woman. Refers to an old woman. Derived from "Kizhavi" in chaste Tamil. Mostly used in a derogatory sense. KepmaaRi Invariably goes with 'moLLa maaRi' and ' mudichchavikki' (this term literally means one who unties knots!!!)   Kozha adi sandai Major catfight. Tamil kozha adi sandai (water pump fight). Connotes fighting over who gets how much water and in what order. Kiithaa Is it there? used for objects, things etc eg: dabbu kiithaa? - is there any money?- irukkiRathaa? in chaste Tamil   Kiiraana/Kiiraala Is he/she there? used for people. eg: kabali kiiraana? - is kabali there? irukkiRanaa ? in chaste Tamil   Kishnayil Kerosene oil. (or) 'Krishayil' a colloquial probably due to saying "KeRoSeNe oil" quickly. Kondhivudu To mix up the things in improper fashion or not aligned. Common usage in games like carroms, to spread the coins, use coinsa kondhivudu Koothi Female genitals, Cunt, Vagina (Derogatory and vulgar) Example - Poi Koothiya nakkuda!! Referring to 'Lick the cunt' Kottikaradhu To eat shamelessly, especially if the food is free ( OC food). Tamil kotta To pour/dump. Literally means to dump for oneself. Kundhu "Sit down!" The reuse of an ancient Tamil word. In contemporary formal Tamil, utkaaral . Related to Kannada kuLithukoLLi ( please sit down ), , Telugu koochandi Kuthu Revelry Tamil Tamil kuthu paattu (literally a song with punch!), as in dappaankuthu. Kutti Synonymous with "figaru". Possibly from Malayalam kutti (young girl). Laard Labakdass A person who thinks very highly of himself (without any solid basis for that assumption). English "lord" Lavadingobal Derogatory term. From the Hindi, Lavde Ka Baal, meaning pubic hair Leevu Holiday. From English "leave", as in "leave of absence". Also used in formal business English as 'leave' (shortened form of leave of absence) Lollu Bantering. Fussing. Tamil for the sound made by a dog (analogous to "bow wow" in English). Lookku vudaradhu To check someone out, especially if it's an attractive person. English "look" and Tamil vudaradhu (to let off, to flash). Implies a much shorter duration and less intensity than jollu vittufication or sight adichification . Loosu Crazy. English "loose" as in screw-loose or nut-job. Also see "arai-loosu". Loosule Vudu Let it go. English "lose" as in Lose it or leave it be/ignore it". Lumpaa Lump sum. English "Lump sum". Popularized by comedians Goundamani and Senthil. Maal / Maalu Any kind of commission paid to middle men, also used to mean bribes/money. Usually followed vettu (maalu vettu - give commission/bribe). Urdu maal- saamaan- material.   Maamool Bribe paid to police man (Urdu-Hindi)Maamool = money. Machi Synonymous with "dude", used in a positive sense. Tamil machinan , colloquial machan (wife's brother). Implies familiarity, cannot be used with strangers. See also maams . Majaa Fun (Hindi-Urdu) Mazaa = 'fun'. Mama or Mamey refers to either a policeman, pimp or a brahmin boy/man, depending on the context. Tamil mama = uncle. Not to be confused with maams . Mama Veedu Brothel, bar Tamil for uncle's house. Usually the uncle's house was the main centre for a group of people to have a good time. Mami refers to either a brahmin girl/woman, or a middle-aged woman in general, depending on the context. Tamil for aunt. Mamiyaar veedu refers to jail, police lock-up Tamil maamiyaar = mother-in-law; veedu = house;. Mangaattha refers to a 3-card game played on street by con-men to lure a passer-by to steal their money. Related phrases are 'Ulle-Veliye' (In-Out) refers to the sleight of hand that the card dealer uses to move the cards around Refers to the Queen of spades. (literal Tamil origin Mangal + Aatha = dark complexioned woman) Maanja refers to an additive added to make the kites string (also called Noolu) stronger, the additive is apparently a concotion of tar, glass pieces, dogs shit and battery covers. This additive when applied on the string makes the string strong for kite (called Banas) fights commonly referred to as Deal. The glass powdered based chemical used in kite strings used in deal fights in kite flying usage mamey deala innika banava ashcitunga. Manjaa Soru refers to a bravery of Men. Related phrases are 'Nenjula Manjaa soru irukaaa maaamu?? meaning i will beat the crap out of you so that i will bring your bile out of you. (which is yellow in colour hence Manja Soru - meaning Yellow rice - Bile)   Maramandai Wooden head. Tamil origin Maram + Mandai = Tree head. Mattai To become flat due to excessive intake of alcoholic tuff. Also used for Cricket bat. Example: paiyan over a sarakku adichitu mattai aayitanba!!. Matteru Refers to an important happening/incident, eulogically referring to sex or Matter film or Blue Film. English Matter, as in "Enna matteru?" (What's the matter?), or "Enna machi, mattera?" Massa massa Refers to a sooper figure whose body mass index is a little high and moves lazily. English "Full of mass" Mayiru / Mayiraandi Literally refers to hair, but used to abuse a person 'as worthless as a hair-strand'. Mayir - Ancient Tamil for 'hair', "Poda Mayiru" or "Poda Mayiraandi" (Poda-Off you go, Mayir-hair, Aandi-loser) Meteru Bribe (used as a question mostly/surprise) Tamil -- Meyaaluma Really? (used as an exclamation of disbelief/surprise) Tamil Mey = Truth. Mokkai Superlative usage of "blaydu" This is a derivative of the word "Mokkaiyappar" who was a king, famous for his "blaydu" jokes. Munimmaa Refers to a woman belonging to the lower economic strata - usually a slum dweller in urban Chennai. Antonym of Mary . Possibly (Sanskrit)Muni + Amma = ascetic lady. Military hotel Restaurant that serves non-vegetarian food. The armed forces are thought to have fewer vegetarians than the general population. Naina A secondary version of "dude", used to imply criticism. Telugu nana (father). Some Tamilians with Telegu ancestry use this term in their homes to address the father. Nashta "Breakfast". Urdu nashta (light snacks). Also referred as 'Tiffin'. However tiffin could also mean evening snacks or any light meal. Neataa "Straight". As in 'Appadiya neeataa weld pannu.' From the Tamil word "Neettum" meaning long. Probably because of the association of length with straigthness especially in machine shops. Nijaar "Knickers or shorts". As in 'Nijaar kaituradhu.' meaning 'fucked' From the English word "Knickers". (V)Otha Translates to fuck in English. Highly derogatory. Tamil OB adikaradhu To waste time. OB is pronounced as the individual letters O and B. Etymology not known for certain. Possibly from "Off Beat", old British military term meaning "off duty". Also possibly from "Out of Business" or from "O'l Bhajanai" (local slang for "doing nothing"). OC Free, at no cost. (Could also mean Old Cask Rum at wine shops) From OCS , Indian Railways abbreviation meaning "On Company Service". Parcels marked OCS travel free.Some say this is an abbreviation for Others' Cost!! Superlative form of gumbal Okkanchikka To sit Derived from the Tamil word 'Utkarunga'. okkachikkada, intha vantten!! Oor Othavane Person who has fooled large number of people Example:'oor otha naye' Oor Thevidiya Prostitute who can approached by anyone belonging to that particular area. Example:'Poda oor Thevidiya' Outte Same as "Gaali". English "out", used in the context of cricket or other sports. Ombodu Vulgar term for 'Shemale' or 'Eunuch' or 'Castrate' also referred by word 'ali'(this word somewhat less vulgaric) Paal mararadhu To switch camps, to betray a confidence. Tamil , paal (milk) and mararadhu (to change). Implies a cow unexpectedly changing to a bull as one is milking it, with unwanted consequences. Panni Gumbal Vulgar term for person who is born by intercourse with animals. Root Word: Gumbal...Example:'Poda #REDIRECT Panni Gumbal' Paradesi Exact meaning unknown, implies the recipient is a scoundrel. Hindi , pardesi (foreigner). Example usage, Paradesi naaye .Paradesi in chaste Tamil (from Sanskrit) means a foreigner but used colloquially for a beggar/ mendicant. Parandhu parandhu adikkaradhu To fight by jumping and flying in the air Refers to stunt wired moves made by heroes in local movies in street-fight scenes which feature impossible kicks and moves defying physics. (Lately the term 'Matrix stunt kudukkardhu' (offer Matrix -style stunts) has come to mean something similar) Parshtu first Root "First" - English Paruppu Someone who thinks he's a big-shot. Tamil Paruppu ( Dhal ). See also 'Pista'. As protein-rich foods, they were costly, and were eaten fried as snack food in only the more well-to-do families. Slang of "clitoris" also. Peela Petty lie/ boast. Example: "Enna peela vudre?" Peter , Mary Persons of Tamil origin who speak English in preference to the Tamil language , especially if his intention is to impress others. Also Peter party . Also used to label those who consider Tamil infra dig, or those who speak it with a fake Western accent. Philim Show off From English "Film". Similar to Hindi Phillum!! Pirikrom Motivational word that helps people gain confidence over whatever they are doing. Similar to "kalaka porom" Tamil "Pirikkardhu". To open something. Also can be used as "Pirikkanum", meaning we have to come out with flying colors. Porambokku Unoccupied, usually unusable or fallow land. Derogatively and dismissively, a person without identity, a nobody. Mispronunciation of 'Pembroke', as in Lord Pembroke , who stated that land belonging to no one would belong to the government. Porul Thing of importance. Sometimes alluded to a minor weapon (eg:pen knife) Origin: Tamil. Porul, which in a pure sense, refers to the content or inner meaning of a phrase or word. Pottalam Ganja Origin: Tamil. A 'packet' made using, usually, news paper. Cheap Marijuana is usually sold in a news paper wrapped packet and is called 'pottalam' or 'potlam' ('potlam' is more of a Peter language). Hindi pOtli is equivalent of Tamil pottalam. Pista Local tycoon. Synonymous to Minor / Zamin (Zamindar) and Durai (White-man) Pundai Same as koothi (Derogatory and vulgar) Example, Poda pundai nakki.. Meaning: One who licks cunt!! Raseedhu Receipt of sale English Receipt Ravondu in small quantity From "Ravai" - Ground Semolina (Suji in Hindi)which is small in size. Reel Pitifully lame excuses. English reel of film from the era of 16 mm projectors . Sometimes an improperly mounted film reel would fall off the projector and run away, causing a garbled or distorted picture to be projected on screen while the operator chased the reel across the room and mounted it back. "Reel" therefore refers to an obviously implausible story. See also: "gapsaa", "peela", "philim" Rousu udardhu Showing off, probably including challenging others. To arouse attention.
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Milind Ingle is a singer [1] and music director from Pen , Maharashtra , India . Milind's songs are mainly in Marathi and Hindi . Milind collaborated with poet/lyricist Soumitra for his album, Gaarva (गारवा) meaning "cool" (as in breeze), in Marathi. It is a compilation of six songs (plus one reprise) that describe the advent of the monsoon after a scorching summer. Each song is preceded by Soumitra's poetry, narrated by the poet himself. [2]

The market success of Gaarva prompted the music director/singer/lyricist team to create a second one soon after, titled Saanj Gaarva (सांज गारवा), or "the evening breeze". The poetry reading precedes each song, this time by noted Marathi actor, Sachin Khedekar . [3] [4]

Contents 1 Discography 1.1 Tuzya Tapor Dolyat Majhe Evlas Gaon (Marathi) 1.2 Gaarva (Marathi) 1.3 Saanj Gaarva (Marathi) 1.4 Yeh Hai Prem - 1998 (Hindi) 2 References 3 Website

Discography [ edit ] Tuzya Tapor Dolyat Majhe Evlas Gaon (Marathi) [ edit ] "Bhardar Kaya" "Galavar Bat" "Gol Gol Gaal" "Kajal" "Oth" "Naak" "Kasa Bolava Ughada" Others Gaarva (Marathi) [ edit ] "Gaarva" "Rimjhim Dhun" "Gaar Vara Haa Bharaaraa" "Zaadaakhaali Basalele" "Paaus Daatalela" "Punha Pavsaalaach Saangayche" "Gaarva (Pavasanantarcha)" Saanj Gaarva (Marathi) [ edit ] "Ha Asa Saanjgaarva" "Bhet Maajhi Tujhi" "Kadhi Saanjveli" "Eke Diwashi Sandhyakali" "Aathvanichya Phulani Jase" "Paaus Daatalela" "Dis Nakalat Jaai" Yeh Hai Prem - 1998 (Hindi) [ edit ]

Singer & Music Director - Milind M. Ingle Lyrics - Shyam Anuragi Supporting Singer - Shikha Featuring - Abbas & Preeti Jhangiani Video Director - Kunal Kohli Video Producer - Rajat Bharjatiya Audio CD Tracks 1. "Chhuimui Si Tum Lagti Ho" 2. "Yeh Hai Prem" 3. "Kudi Jach Gayi" 4. "Kabse Tera Hai Intezaar" 5. "Meri Juliet Meri Sahiba" 6. "Rimjhim Barso Megh" 7. "Tu Ru Ru" 8. " Main Tumhe Chaha Karun" 9. "You Are The One" 10."O Priya"

References [ edit ] ^ Sawant, Anagha (August 21, 1998). "On the sidewalk -- Milind Ingle" . The Indian Express . Retrieved 29 April 2011 .   ^ Marathi singer Milind Ingle on K for Kishore | Indian Television Dot Com ^ Yeh Hai Prem - Milind Ingle Songs, Yeh Hai Prem - Milind Ingle Lyrics, Yeh Hai Prem - Milind Ingle Videos, Download MP3 Songs, Pop Music - Sangeethouse.com ^ Milind Ingle’s Marathi album released - Indian Express Website [ edit ]


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