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Comes with paperwork and ink. The tip is 18k gold. Mon Blanc Noblesse Oblige Pen Boxed Mont Blanc Noblesse Oblige boxed pen with paperwork. Quill Boxed Pen Set St. Louis Cardinals Boxed Quill pen set with St. Louis Cardinals emblam on the top and written on the side. Tiffany Pen Tiffany & Co Pen marked Germany comes with velveteen bag. Levenger True Writer Pen Beautiful boxed Levenger True Writer with paperwork and refill converter. Monticello Pen Set Boxed Monticello Pen set includes three pens with box and paperwork. Vintage Easterbrook Nurses Pen Rare red and white vintage Easterbrook Nurses pen. This is in overall good condition and has a number 2556 tip. 3 Sheaffer Pens Three vintage Sheaffer pens. These are in good condition and come with F tips. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Pen Mont Blanc Meisterstuck pen in box with paperwork and cartridges. Tip #4810 Sheaffer Pencil Vintage Sheaffer pencil Cross Century Pen Boxed Cross Century pen with the box, two rollling ball refills and pamplet. Paper Mate Pen Pencil Set Boxed Paper Mate pen and pencil set. Lamy Pen Pencil Set Beautiful Lamy pen and pencil set boxed with pamplet and 5 ink refills. Mont Blanc Noblesse Oblige 14K Gold Mont Blanc Noblesse Oblige boxed Pen with pamplet. Tip 585 14K gold Sheaffer Calligrphy Set Sheaffer calligraphy set boxed does not have the instruction booklet. Collection Parker Pens Collection of three Parker Pens. The blue pen is empty. Handmade McSpadden Dulcimer & Case Beautiful hand made Mountain Dulcimer signed Lynn McSpadden dated 9-75, number 3175. The instrument is beautiful and the wood is in excellent condition. One string needs to be reattached. Comes with a pamplet from The Dulcimer Shoppe Antiques & Collectibles:  Gold and sterling jewelry, coins, collectibles from the space program, old toys, autographed sports collectibles, Hartland figure of Stan Musial.  Collection of collectible pin backs, Ozzie Smith baseball glove, TWA airplane model, art deco rocket statue, antique phone, Cabbage Patch doll still in box, Budweiser Clydesdale advertising, antique leather pilots helmet and goggles, whiskey advertising tray, WW2 army helmet, horse yolk mirror, vintage Mickey Mouse pin ball game, Astro Shooter pin ball game, Charles Lindbergh poster, vintage skin divers pin ball game, vintage push em up pin ball game, antique tractor seat, vintage minnow bucket, collection of rock specimens and fossils, 

Furniture: dining room table and chairs, buffet, couch, newer lift chair, kitchen table and chairs, TV,  antique piano stool, 

Art: signed sports posters including Stan Musial, Enos Slaughter,

Tools: Please check back.

Household: washer and dryer, dishes, glassware, pots and pans, 

314-680-8599 Mound City Auctions www.moundcityauctions.com Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all auctions conducted by Mound City Collectibles and Auctions LLC (Auctioneer) and any participants in said auctions (Bidder). All purchases made at an auction conducted by Auctioneer are on an "AS IS", "WHERE IS" basis (shipping and packing are not included). According these terms agreed to by all Bidders, all sales are final and no sale shall be invalidated. There are no returns or refunds and credit payments cannot be reversed. Neither we nor the consignor make any guarantees, warranties or representations, express, or implied, with respect to the Property, except as to the warranty of title. All implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS FOR PURPOSE ARE SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMED by us and the consignor (if the items is being sold on consignment. specifically, neither we nor the consignor make any representation or warranty of any kind, express, or implied with respect to any of the following characteristics of the property: age, authenticity, genuineness, attribution, provenance, origin, physical condition, importance, size, quality, quantity, rarity, value exhibitions, historical references or significance, medium, material, period, culture, source origin. All information in the catalog, sale bill,auction listing, advertising, web site or elsewhere, concerning the characteristics mentioned in B) above, is offered to bidders as a statement of opinion only. It is not intended to contain statements of fact for which we or the consignor may be held liable. This disclaimer of liability on our part applies whether the information is included in any catalog, sale bill, web site, or any advertisements, announcements or communicated through our representatives, bills of sale or elsewhere, and whether written or oral. Neither we, nor the consignor, shall be responsible for the correctness or accuracy of descriptions or other information in this catalog or elsewhere. The bidder assumes the full responsibility to inspect and evaluate the property to its, his or her complete satisfaction prior to any bid or purchase. The bidder must make an independent judgment about the Property, its value descriptions or other information about the Property.

Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse admittance to any auction to a bidder who the auctioneer (in his sole desecration) who is disrupting the auction or who may disrupt the auction. Furthermore auctioneer may at his sole desecration deny such person the ability to register to participate in the auction. Auctioneer my require anyone he deems to be disruptive of the auction to leave the auction location/premises. If this person does not leave they shall be considered as trespassing on private property.

We may, without in any way diminishing our disclaimers of liability contained in this Paragraph and elsewhere, mention in the description of the item or lot, significant damage, although this does not include all faults, imperfections and restorations. All measurements and weights stated in any of the means of communication listed are approximate, unless accompanied by a G.I.A. or comparable certificate certifying measurements and weight. Safety of operation of electrical items including but not limited to (lamps, lights, chandeliers, and sconces, fans, or other electrical device/s). Auctioneer recommends that all electrical items be checked and installed by a licensed electrician. Many of the electrical items we sell are vintage or antique and as such may not meet current safety standards, specifically many of the table lamps may have non-polarized plugs, the hanging lamps may lack grounding conductors, and the fans finger guards are not conform to modern standards. These items are being sold strictly as collectibles and Buyers are buying them as such and to to use. Buyers assume responsibility to check with the Authority Having Jurisdiction regarding the local codes about these electrical devices and assume any and all liability for their installation and or operation.

Announcements: Any announcement made on the day of the sale will take precedence over any

other form of communication including web site information, sale bills, announcements and


Due diligence: Bidder agrees to have asked any and all questions before they bid. Auctioneer will make the items available during a pre-view for Bidder to conduct any due diligence inspections.

Attorney Fees: Buyer agrees to be responsible for seller’s and or auctioneer's attorney fees and, or collection fees in disputes regarding any auction should any arise.

Funds: All funds are to be paid in US dollars. Buyer is responsible for and agrees to pay all duties, customs, taxes, VAT, and other fees associated with the purchase of the item.8) Buyers agree to pay for all items before removing them from the auction site.9)Vintage toys are sold with a PRIMARY USE as collector's items for display purposes and as such are not recommended as play items.

Vintage toys do not meet today’s safety standards, some are either coated with lead paint, contain lead or are made entirely of lead (eg. “toy” soldiers), others may contain phthalates (chemicals put in plastic to make them more pliable), or be a choke hazard. Bidder agrees that to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act they are buying these items as collectibles for display purposes only and have no intention of either using them, or selling them as play toys, to be used for play by children in any way. Bidder further agrees to assume all liability and responsibility for disregarding this warning and letting children play with any vintage toy purchased from auctioneer, and to hold harmless the Seller the Auctioneer, his employees, agents or assigns, in the event of injury, harm or death to anyone as a result of any vintage toy purchased from seller. Bidders must all be over 18 years of age, no child will be allowed to bid or buy any collectible or vintage toy of any kind.

Accidents or Injury: Bidders, Buyers, and auction attendees agree that they are attending the auction or sale at their own risk and agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless both Mound City Auctions, Seller, and cosigner, from any and all accidents and or injures they my receive while attending the auction or sale.

All items are to be removed from the sale within 4 hours after the sale unless special arrangements have been made with the Auctioneer or his staff. Items not picked up/Items with outstanding shipping charges: Items being picked up by the Buyer, within the time frame stipulated in paragraph 10 will be re-sold to pay for storage costs. Storage cost shall acrew at a rate of $25/day.

Returned Checks: All bidders paying with a check agree to have value of check purchase plus any bank fees placed as a sale against credit card number on file with Auctioneer in event of a check being returned for insufficient funds or a closed account.

Disputes: Auctioneer shall designate the winning bidder after each item is auctioned. If a dispute arises between two or more bidders regarding any mater, Auctioneer reserves the right and Bidders grant the Auctioneer the right (solely at the Auctioneer's discretion) to re-open bidding on the item in question to resolve questions concerning who the high bidder is or the amount of the bid.

Payment: All items must be paid for in full before Bidder leaves the premises. Nothing may be removed until it is settled for. Payment for purchases (personal property) must be made by cash, personal or business check or credit card accepted by Auctioneer. Special terms will apply for payment of Real Property. Letters of credit or guarantee will be valid for an individual auction only, and require proper ID including State issued ID card or valid State Drivers License. Bidder agrees not to stop payment on any checks or to disallow a sight draft and is responsible for any expenses due to collection of a bad check including legal and collection fees.

Internet Auction Payments: All sales are strictly in United States dollars (including U.S. currency, bank wire, checks (only with driver's license and credit card for ID), and US Postal money orders, all subject to reporting requirements. For Internet purchases all are subject to clearing and funds being received In Auctioneer’s account before delivery of the purchases. Auctioneer reserves the right to determine if a check constitutes “good funds” when drawn on a U.S. bank for ten business days, and thirty days when drawn on an international bank before shipment. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card only) may be accepted up to $3,000 from non-dealers at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer, subject to the following limitations: • sales are only to the cardholder, purchases are shipped to the cardholder’s registered and verified address, Auctioneer may pre-approve the cardholder’s credit line, and must transact immediately upon invoice presentation, rights of return are governed by these Terms and Conditions, which supersede those conditions promulgated by the card issuer, floor Bidders must present their card. Payment is due upon closing of the Auction session, or upon presentment of an invoice. Auctioneer reserves the right to void an invoice if payment in full is not received within 7 days after the close of the Auction. In cases of nonpayment, Auctioneer’s election to void a sale does not relieve the Bidder from their obligation to pay Auctioneer its fees (seller’s and Buyer’s premium) on the lot and any other damages pertaining to the lot.

Lots delivered to you, or your representative in the State of Missouri, or other states where the Auction may be held, are subject to all applicable state and local taxes, unless appropriate permits are on file with Auctioneer. Bidder will be responsible for any taxes the government requires on all purchases including Internet purchases. Bidder agrees to pay Auctioneer the actual amount of tax due in the event that sales tax is not properly collected due to: an expired, inaccurate, inappropriate tax certificate or declaration, an incorrect interpretation of the applicable statute, or any other reason.

The appropriate form or certificate must be on file at and verified by Auctioneer five days prior to Auction or tax must be paid; only if such form or certificate is received by Auctioneer within 4 days after the Auction can a refund of tax paid be made. Lots from different Auctions may not be aggregated for sales tax purposes.

In the event that a Bidder’s payment is dishonored upon presentment(s), Bidder shall pay the maximum statutory processing fee set by applicable state law.

If any Auction invoice submitted by Auctioneer is not paid in full when due, the unpaid balance will bear interest at the highest rate submitted by law from the date of invoice until paid. Any invoice not paid when due will bear a three percent (3%) late fee on the invoice amount or three percent (3%) of any installment that is past due. If the Auctioneer refers any invoice to an attorney for collection, the Buyer agrees to pay attorney’s fees, court costs, and other collection costs incurred by Auctioneer. If Auctioneer assigns collection to its in-house legal staff, such attorney’s time expended on the matter shall be compensated at a rate comparable to the hourly rate of independent attorneys.

In the event a successful Bidder fails to pay any amounts due, Auctioneer reserves the right to sell the lot(s) securing the invoice to any under bidders in the Auction that the lot(s) appeared, or at subsequent private or public sale, or re-list the lot(s) in a future auction conducted by Auctioneer. A defaulting Bidder agrees to pay for the reasonable costs of resale (including a 30% seller’s commission, if consigned to an auction conducted by Auctioneer). The defaulting Bidder is liable to pay any difference between his total original invoice for the lot(s), plus any  applicable interest, and the net proceeds for the lot(s) if sold at private sale or the subsequent  hammer price of the lot(s) less the 30% seller’s commissions, if sold at an Auctioneer’s auction

Auctioneer reserves the right to require payment in full in good funds before delivery of the merchandise.

Auctioneer shall have a lien against the merchandise purchased by the Buyer to secure payment of the Auction invoice. Auctioneer is further granted a lien and the right to retain possession of any other property of the Buyer then held by the Auctioneer or its affiliates to secure payment of any Auction invoice or any other amounts due the Auctioneer or affiliates from the Buyer. With respect to these lien rights, Auctioneer shall have all the rights of a secured creditor under Article 9 of the Missouri Uniform Commercial Code, including but not limited to the right of sale. In addition, with respect to payment of the Auction invoice(s), the Buyer waives any and all rights of offset he might otherwise have against the Auctioneer and the consignor of the merchandise included on the invoice. If a Bidder owes Auctioneer or its affiliates on any account, Auctioneer and its affiliates shall have the right to offset such unpaid account by any credit balance due Bidder, and it may secure by possessory lien any unpaid amount by any of the Bidder’s property in their possession.

Title shall not pass to the successful Bidder until all invoices are paid in full. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide adequate insurance coverage for the items once they have been delivered to a common carrier or third-party shipper.

Vehicle Auctions: Any warranties made by the Seller/Owner must be in writing on an instrument separate from the Purchase Invoice & Bill of Sale and signed by both the Bidder/Buyer and Seller/Owner. In no event shall Mound City Auctions, the auctioneer or any employee, agent or associate of Mound City Auctions be responsible or liable for any such warranties, guarantees or the genuineness or description of any article offered for sale. If the item in the auction is a vehicle it is understood by the Buyer that the Auctioneer does not own the vehicle and is acting as a agent for the owner of the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle has supplied the description of the vehicle and it's condition to the seller. The seller has given an accurate description of the vehicle but assumes no liability for any misrepresentation by the seller of the vehicle or its condition. Mound City Auctions assumes no responsibility or liability for representations made by any Seller/Owner and shall have no obligation to verify or authenticate such statements or claims. Any announcements made sale day supersede printed information in the catalogs, ads, brochures signs and item cards. All vehicles offered for sale are subject to any and all state title and tax laws. Buyer agrees to be responsible for complying with these laws.


Buyer's Premiums: There is a 10% in-house Buyer's Premium and a 15% Buyer's Premium on all Absentee Bids, regardless of payment method and a 18% Buyers Premium on all on-line bids(eg. www.icollector.com, bidopia.com, liveauctioneers.com, or any other service using the Internet).

Auctioneer shall not be responsible for Internet outages, service disruptions, data lag or other

failures of Bidder's bid placed via the Internet being not honored by Auctioneer.

Agency: Auctioneer is acting only as the agent of the seller, Bidder agrees that Auctioneer is not their agent and no act of the Auctioneer including but not limited to accepting, allowing the

placement of an absentee or Internet or other remote bid constitutes, causes, places or otherwise

makes an agency relationship with the Auctioneer and the Bidder.

Disputes. Auctioneer and Bidder hereby agree to submit any dispute arising out of or relating to  this Agreement to an arbitration panel of three neutral persons selected by Auctioneer. If Bidder  disapproves of the panel, Bidder shall within ten (10) days after receiving notice of selection of the panel initiate arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) using its rules for commercial  arbitrations except that all AAA fees and costs shall be paid by Bidder. If Bidder fails to timely initiate  arbitration through AAA or to pay AAA fees and costs, Auctioneer may resume arbitration through a  neutral arbitration panel selected by Auctioneer. The decision of arbitration will be final and binding  upon all parties. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary, Auctioneer  hereby reserves the right to seek any action against Bidder in a court of competent jurisdiction. Any action or suit of any kind relating to this Agreement must be commenced within one (1) year from the date when the cause of action or claim accrued or it shall be forever barred. The right of action or suit shall accrue, and the one (1) year limitation period shall begin to run, on the date the breach, damage, or injury is sustained and not when the resulting cost, damage, harm or loss is discovered. Auctioneer shall not under any circumstances be liable to Bidder for any consequential damages to Bidder, and Bidder shall not hold Auctioneer liable for failure of any successful bidder to complete transaction.

Governing Law; Jury Waiver. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in  accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri, and any action or proceeding arising hereunder shall be brought in the courts of the State of Missouri. If any such action or proceeding arises under the  Constitution, laws or treaties of the United States of America, or if there is a diversity of citizenship  between the parties hereto, so that suit may be brought in a United States District Court, it shall be  brought in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. The invalidation of one or more terms of this Agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms. AUCTIONEER AND SELLER HEREBY WAIVE THE RIGHT TO ANY JURY TRIAL IN ANY ACTION, PROCEEDING OR COUNTERCLAIM IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT BROUGHT BY EITHER PARTY AGAINST THE OTHER PARTY.

Severability: Except as expressly provided to the contrary herein, each section, part, term and/or provision of this Agreement shall be considered severable; and if, for any reason any section, part, term or provision herein is determined to be invalid, unenforceable or contrary to, or in conflict with, any existing or future law or regulation by a court or agency having valid jurisdiction, such shall not impair the operation of, or have any other effect upon, such other sections, parts, terms and provisions of this Agreement as may remain otherwise intelligible, and the latter shall continue to be given full force and effect and bind the Parties hereto; and said invalid or unenforceable sections, parts, terms or provisions shall be deemed to be replaced with a provision that is valid and e mont-blanc-pen-sale-outlet-rid-0.html. pension definition hotelnforceable and most nearly reflects the original intent of the invalid or unenforceable provision.

Auctioneer License Information: 1913     Auction Listings provided by AuctionZip.com. Although the information published herein is from sources deemed reliable, AuctionZip.com expressly disclaims any liability for errors, omissions or changes regarding any information provided for this auction. Potential buyers are urged to verify auction date, time, and content directly through the auctioneer's website or by contacting the auctioneer directly. The terms and conditions of the auction may or may not be published in this listing. ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE THE DAY OF THE AUCTION ARE BINDING AND TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ANY INFORMATION FOUND HEREIN.

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